SPECIAL EVENTS: The Italian Society and New Italian Cinema 2017 (Nov. 8-12)

New Italian Cinema 2017 brings Italy’s newest films to San Francisco, November 8-12 and The Italian Society at Berkeley is delighted to co-present Jasmine Trinca’s prize-winning performance in Fortunata, Sergio Castellitto’s tale of blue-collar female empowerment (Wednesday, November 8 at 9:10 pm at the Castro Theater) and There is a Light, Fabio Mollo’s reflective and emotional on-the-road movie (Thursday, November 11 at 6:30 pm at the Vogue Theatre). Get your tickets now at www.newitaliancinema.org.


November 8: Fortunata, by Sergio Castellitto

With: Jasmine Trinca, Stefano Accorsi

Synopsis: Fortunata (Jasmine Trinca) lives a frantic life, with an eight-year-old child and a failed marriage in her past. She is a home-based hair stylist, fighting daily to achieve her dream to open a salon, gain independence and be happy. She has planned every detail and she’s ready to face all obstacles, but she hasn’t considered one aspect: love. For the first time, she finds someone that values and loves her for the woman she is.


November 11: There is a light, by Fabio Mollo

With: Luca Marinelli, Isabella Ragonese

Synopsis: Isabella Ragonese (Mia) and Luca Marinelli (Paolo) star in a subtle and introspective on-the-road movie in the respective roles of a pregnant back-up singer who doesn’t want children and a gay man who dreams of becoming a father. Both young and both self-doubting in front of life’s responsibilities, they set off on a geographical and emotional journey, from the North to the South of Italy, in a relationship that will unearth their vital drive to exist.

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