IISA - Italian International Students Association

Spring 2001 Symposium:


Tuesday April 24th, 2001

The IISA has orgaanized a symposium with Italian prominent journalist Federico Rampini, Haas School of Business Professor Andrew Isaacs, and the Associate Director of the Office on Technology Transfer (UC Berkeley) Dr. Valentin Fikowsky to discuss the topic of Information Technology industrial development in Italy.

Precisely, the topic of the symposium was the following:

Many Italians work in the Silicon Valley, some holding important positions. This suggests that the lack of competitiveness of the Italian economy in the field of technological innovation is not due to the scarcity of human capital. In spite of all the inefficiencies and problems of the Italian university system, its graduates are generally considered of excellent quality. However, in the technological and new economy sectors, Italy lags behind not only the U.S. but even many European countries, such as France, Germany, Ireland and UK. Hence, the question is: what is preventing Italy from having its own Silicon Valley?

Download the official brochure (PDF format).

The Italian Consul in San Francisco, Dr. Sebastiano Salvadori, attended the symposium and gave an introductory speech. At the end of the talks by the speakers questions were posed by the audience, and an interesting debate took place.

We wish to thank the UCB Graduate Assmbly. It's thanks to their generous support that this event was made possible.


Federico Rampini
Journalist, la Repubblica (San Francisco correspondent)
New Economy in Italy
Andrew Isaacs
Professor, Haas School of Business, UC Berkeley
An introduction to the Culture and Life of Silicon Valley
Valentin Fikowsky
Associate Director, Office of Technology Transfer, University of California
University/Industry Relations in California


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