Beppe Severgnini's visit at UC Berkeley
& the pizza in San Francisco

November 9th & 10th, 2000

Giuseppe (Beppe) Severgnini, a famous Italian journalist working for the Corriere della Sera and The Economist, came to visit us at UC Berkeley on Thursday, November 9th 2000 (a brief autobiography, in Italian, is available). He held an open discussion (mainly in English, but with some untranslatable Italian expressions!) on the topic: The New Italian Immigrant Around the World (he is the author of several successful books on this topic, which he wrote while working as foreign correspondant for Italian newspapers in London, Washington D.C., China and former-communist countries in Eastern Europe). Some pictures of this great event are available below (click on any of them for larger versions): in the first one he is presented by Bruno Sinopoli, IISA's President for the academic year 2000-2001. The talk was a great success, everybody was truly enthusiastic about it. Grazie Beppe!!!

Beppe Severgnini holds an on-line forum, called Italians, on the Corriere della Sera website: Every day, a dozen e-mails written by Italians around the world are published on the website, and Beppe answers to some of them with his unique, ironic, witty style. Most of the letters (but not all of them) are about the experiences of Italians abroad, and the differences between Italians, with their opinions and points of view, and the rest of the world: Italians have things to learn from the rest of the world, and sometimes the reverse it true as well. Whenever Beppe is sent by the Corriere della Sera to some country to follow an event, he tells his readers through Italians, and those who happen to be there organize a pizza party to welcome him. Recently he came here in the Bay Area to follow the US Presidential Election, and the pizza party was organized on November 10th, 2000 in San Francisco (that's how we managed to get him over here at UC Berkeley the day before!). We went there, and it was another great event: about one hundred Italian students (from Berkeley and Stanford) and professionals (many from Cisco, others from various companies around the Bay Area) met to know each other and exchange ideas. Some pictures of this extraordinary gathering are also available below.

Beppe Severgnini at UC Berkeley

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Beppe showing the golfino, the real
way to spot an Italian in the crowd...

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The pizza with Beppe Severgnini in San Francisco

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