Gianfranco Giagni


(In Italian)


Gianfranco Giagni was born in Rome.

He was assistant director for movie director Mauro Bolognini and for Tv director Alberto Negrin.

He completed his first video clips for several Italian singers (Vasco Rossi, Fabio Concato, Loredana Bertè, Matia Bazar, Ron) as well as non-Italian singers (Miguel Bose', and Madness).

He directed television programs and dramas for both RAI and MEDIASET.

He made several documentaries: "Rosabella storia italiana di Orson Welles" (Rosabella Italian story of Orson Welles) about the life of Orson Welles, which was presented in 1995 at the Festival di Venezia; "Luca Ronconi prova 'Cocktail Party'" about Luca Ronconi; "Il dottor divago" about producer Pietro Notarianni; "La trota in pelliccia" about the truths and lies of the world of communication; "Un mondo a parte" about the general markets of Rome; "Un cinese a Roma" about the Chinese community in Rome.

He directed Claudio Monteverdi's "Orfeo" along with theatre director Luca Ronconi.

He shot a mistery set in Rome, "Giallo e nero"; and a movie set in Marseille, "Faits divers" in which theives, prostitutes, lawyers of the mafia all portray themsevles.

He directed two movies: the most recent one, "Nella terra di nessuno" (In No-Man's Land; 2001) with Ben Gazzara, Maya Sansa and Massimo Bellinzoni, was presented in various film festivals among which Taormina Filmfestival and the Grolle d'oro of Saint Vincent.