Request DVD

You can find the list of our DVDs at the DVD library page.
Most DVDs have region code 2 (
The service is very easy and only few rules apply:

1- choose your movie(s) browsing the list at the bottom of this page.
2- request the movie(s) using the form below; requests must be placed by the day before our movie screening (see schedule).
3- wait for a confirmation e-mail from us
4- pick-up your movie(s) at the movie night, BEFORE or AFTER the screening
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1- lending requires a $10 deposit per DVD; the deposit will be given back as the movie is returned. The film itself functions as a receipt.
2- movies are due by the next movie screening (usually 2 weeks)
3- a maximum of 3 movies ($30) can be requested each time
4- you can borrow any movie in the list with the exception of the movies that has not be shown yet
5- in the case of two people requesting the same movie, a FIRST COME, FIRST SERVE POLICY applies
6- if the movie is not returned in time you will receive an e-mail reminder to return it on the following screening. If the movie is not returned within 1 month we will consider the movie lost and the deposit won’t be returned.

Questions? For questions about the DVD library, please use the form above with ‘Info’ as Movie title; or send us an email at