FILM SCREENING (NICE Festival, Vogue Theatre, SF): Alaska (6PM), 11/19


The Italian Society at Berkeley  with New Italian Cinema Events (NICE)  will be co- presenting Claudio Cupellini’s 2015 film The Beginners (Alaska) at the Vogue Theatre in San Francisco  at 6PM on Saturday, November 19th

Nadine, an aspiring model determined to break into the Paris fashion scene, meets Fausto, who is trying to make it in Paris as a hotel waiter. Since their first encounter, Fausto and Nadine discover they have much in common: both are fragile, alone, and obsessed with proving their worth.

Claudio Cupellini is a director and screenwriter whose 2009 first feature-length film, Lessons in Chocolate, won the N.I.C.E. City of Florence Award. He is also the director of the cult television series Gomorrah, based on journalist Roberto Saviano’s non-fiction book of the same name. In Alaska, Cupellini creates a memorable couple of characters connected by their vulnerability and by an intense chemistry.

Tickets will be selling fast and can be purchased here.

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