Enough with the Drama

Enough with the Drama!

Acting “Italian Style”
by Theatre Director Lorenzo Maragoni

2-day basic acting workshop on Italian-style Comedy (Commedia all’Italiana).

Have you ever fancied yourself acting scenes from an Italian movie? Have you wondered where many Italian actors get their unique sense of humor, how they manage to never take themselves too seriously, and, last but not least, what’s the meaning of the countless gestures and physical expression that Italian actors (and non-actors) use on a daily basis?

This workshop is an opportunity to find it out! With a series of games and improvisation exercises, we will play acting “Italian style”, taking inspirations from the masterpieces of Commedia all’Italiana featured in IISA’s 2013 summer film series. We will do both group and individual exercises, and maybe find out a little more about what makes the acting of Totò, Marcello Mastroianni and Roberto Benigni so real and funny at the same time.

The workshop is open to everybody, as no previous experience is required but just the desire to put yourself to test and have fun.

It will be held in English, unless the participants unanimously agree to do it in Italian.

The workshop consists of two independent sessions (June 6 and June 20) ; attendance to either one or both is possible.

Please register as space is limited!!!

This coming Thursday, May 30, 2013, at 8PM we’re starting the 2013 Summer series of IISA movie nights with a special guest and a special presentation !

Theatre Director Lorenzo Maragoni will present a screening of “This is the Only Level”, the latest play of his Italian companyAmor Vacui , at 159 Mulford Hall.

About “This Is The Only Level”

“Finding and keeping a job in Today’s Italy often resembles a disturbing game with constantly changing rules. At times, everyone’s principal goal seems to be getting to that generic “next level”, which, although seeming closer day after day, can never actually be reached.

Many recent internet flash games, such as ‘Everyday the Same Dream’ and ‘This Is The Only Level’ are based on this concept, and they have influenced our work. Another source of inspiration for this play is the peculiar short story (possibly more of a disturbing manual) ‘The Art of Asking Your Boss for a Raise’ by the French writer G. Perec.

As stated in Article 1 of the Italian Constitution, “Italy is a democratic republic founded on work”. The severe economic crisis we are facing has called this into question, but, at the same time, has opened, by necessity, new scenarios, which can, perhaps, lead to unexpected surprises.”

-Lorenzo Maragoni, Director.



Lorenzo Maragoni was born in Terni, Italy, in 1984. He graduated as an actor at ‘Teatro Stabile del Veneto’ acting school based in Padua, Italy, and soon developed an attitude to directing. Since then, he studied with international directors such as Eimuntas Nekrosius, Cesar Brie, Gennadi Bogdanov, and worked as an assistant for italian directors Damiano Michieletto and Giorgio Sangati. In 2010 he founded the company Amor Vacui , for which he directed several plays, staged in theatre festivals and contests for emerging companies. In 2012 the play This Is The Only Level wins Premio Off#3, an award for emerging Italian companies. Since 2010 he has been leading courses and workshops on acting, both for students and professionals.