Italian Society at Berkeley


The Italian Society at Berkeley

The Italian Society at Berkeley is a cultural and academic organization. It was founded in 1999 as the Italian International Students Association (IISA), a cultural association. In 2015, the IISA joined forces with BIN (Berkeley Italian Network), an informal network of students and scholars to form the Italian Society at Berkeley.

The purpose of the Italian Society at Berkeley is to promote Italian culture in the UC Berkeley and Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL) communities, and to foster academic, cultural and professional connections and exchanges between Italy and UC Berkeley/LBNL, between Italians in Italy and Italians at UC Berkeley/LBNL, and between Italians and non-Italians at UC Berkeley/LBNL. The Italian Society at Berkeley also assists incoming Italian students at UC Berkeley/LBNL by facilitating their integration into the UC Berkeley/LBNL communities.

The Italian Society at Berkeley organizes and promotes events such as art and music exhibitions, theatrical performances, film screenings, food festivals, research symposia, academic presentations, and networking events.
All the events are the product of voluntary work on the part of the members of the Italian Society at Berkeley.

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